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Joey Bishop's DVD

Does anyone know if Susan is featured on Joey Bishop's DVD Second Season 1961 available on Amazon.com? The DVD is suppose to have his comic shows with his weekly stars and also contains his special stars as themselves; and Susan was once a quest on his show. According to what I read, his show ran from September 20, 1961 to September 7, 1965. Sure would be nice to see Susan on this DVD.

Re: Joey Bishop's DVD


I do hope that the show with Susan will be on the DVD. What a collector's item that will be! Here's hoping and I will watch out for any news. I wouldn't even have known about the Joey Bishop show but for Ginger's write up and transcription.

It would be fantastic to see her "off screen" as there are only about three instances in her Biography where we can see her in "real life".


Re: Re: Joey Bishop's DVD

Hi,This Joey Bishop Show was a sitcom in the early 1960's.Susan was a guest in 1968 on his late night talk show.Two different shows.I would enjoy seeing her on his show too.Kirk