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Susan Hayward on Susan Hayward

Hello everyone. I got the most interesting letter a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share it with you. I'm sorry I didn't get this on the board sooner. I know you will enjoy this. Here is the letter that Ms. Hayward has so graciously allowed me to copy and post.

~~~In 1958 my husband and I moved to Inglewood, Calif. My husband was going to school for Aero engineering. I became employed with the local phone company as I had experience from another state. One of our perks was to have our phone number in the book in my name.
That following year she was up for an Academy award-- "I Want To Live"...

I received a call one day asking if I was going to the studio, my husband said yes as he thought it was Penny's verifying that my son had a baby picture shoot that afternoon.-- Not knowing what that person really meant.

This started a long chain of calls for her, including a call for an autographed picture of her for a very ill child in San Francisco. This problem was solved by calling a friend who was in wardrobe of one of the studios. I did not have the heart to say I was not the star.
Lo and behold the night she was on the stage with roses in her arms, I was getting calls from people wanting to congratulate her. --Star struck people in LA.
These incidents went on for a year or so until I left the area.

Years later I heard on TV that she had died of a brain tumor on my birthday.
My ob doctor when I was pregnant even introduced me as Susan Hayward, so for all these years I get so many comments.
She above all is my favorite most beautiful star.
So glad to browse through this website found by accident.
Susan Hayward

Re: Susan Hayward on Susan Hayward

Thank you Ginger for posting this and giving us all a chance to read it especially the last few lines where the writer says she is her favorite star - this brought tears to my eyes. How honoured she must feel to share the same name.


Re: Re: Susan Hayward on Susan Hayward

Intereasting. I'm sure there were other Susan Haywards, but I wonder if there was another Edythe Marrenner anywhere??...(I found three Susan Hayward's listed in California on anywho.com)

Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward on Susan Hayward

Isn't there a Susan Hayward who writes some kind of books, who's on some of the same websites as our Susan Hayward?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward on Susan Hayward

Indeed so Gloria - she is quite a prolific author as well.
Strangely enough, although much of her work tends to the philosophical, metaphysical and conceptual areas -often drawing on Plato, Whitman, Montaigne, Aristotle, Blake and similar, she has done some on film.

But I think her speciality is French Cinema. I know she did one on Simone Signoret and maybe another on Luc Besson ?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward on Susan Hayward

What a nice letter, and probably from a very nice Lady. Hope you come in to see the group. (Gee, I have been off-line for quite some time, and already I am seeing what I missed. Looks like I came back in tome for some of the greats.)

Funny about the authors. There is a Lynn Anderson and a Liz Anderson who are authors too. I think I have come accross a couple of others, too, but I can't recall who they are.