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A "Nose" for News

Okay, you Susie fans. Here's a difficult question for me to ask: do you think our gal ever had plastic surgery? The reason I'm asking is that I just finished watching "Smash Up" after many, many years of not seeing it. Coming after I watched and re-watched "Stolen Hours" at least 20 times recently, I see there's a difference in Susie's nose! In "Stolen Hours" it looks shorter than in "Smash Up."

Of course, I realize people do change as time goes by, but this looks like too much of a change to have happened naturally.

Not that there is anything wrong with getting plastic surgery, mind you, it's just that I thought our gal was perfect from the get-go!

Any opinions on this?

Re: A "Nose" for News

Gloria, I've never noticed a difference in her nose but I'll take a closer look next time I watch and compare the two films.