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"The Brooklyn Bombshell" & "The King" (1959)

Susan & Elvis (click on link).

Re: "The Brooklyn Bombshell" & "The King" (1959)

This must have been some "fancy" place they were in, with a bare light bulb hanging down in back of them!

Re: Re: "The Brooklyn Bombshell" & "The King" (1959)

I don't know about the bulb, but I could just eat Elvis on toast in that pic! Yummy!!

Re: "The Brooklyn Bombshell" & "The King" (1959)

For some reason, that link given wouldn't work for me, but anyway, I think I've seen that particular photo before. I believe Kerry had sent it to me..right Kerry?.. a couple of years ago.. anyway, I have it on my computer "somewhere" and it's an unusual picture and a very good one of both of them, picture from what I can recall.

Re: Re: "The Brooklyn Bombshell" & "The King" (1959)

Quite right Ginger - I recall that we debated at the time WHERE it had been taken as well.

I see the date of 1959 on the original post but I'm still baffled. Presley entered the army in early 1958, and he left the U.S. for Germany in late '58. He was still stationed there towards the end of '59, as Capt Beaulieu and family (including the 14 and a half year old step daughter Priscilla) arrived in Germany around November that year and she met Elvis at a party soon after.

So if 1959 is indeed the correct year - one wonders - did Susan go to Germany for any reason ?

I recall that after "Thunder in the Sun" which was a 1959 film she had a break for a little while before resuming her career, but I presumed that she spent the time in Georgia and Florida with Eaton ?

Or possibly Elvis was in the U.S. on leave ?

Whatever - Gloria is correct - the venue was not exactly super flash de luxe - lol.


Re: Re: Re: "The Brooklyn Bombshell" & "The King" (1959)

Here's where I found the photo, stating it was at a Xmas fundraiser... http://www.elvis-presley-biography.com/ElvisPictures.htm

Re: Re: Re: Re: "The Brooklyn Bombshell" & "The King" (1959)

Ah - mystery solved. Thanks Blooeyz.

I think Presley left the army around the early part of 1960, so presumably he was back in the U.S. on Christmas leave at the time.