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Susan with her Oscar!!

Hello, this is a fun web page to visit..www.oscar.com; and you will see a small photo of Charlton Heston planting a kiss on Susan's cheek.
ALso click on STYLE and you will see a nice photo of Susan holding her well deserved Oscar. She looked so happy. There are quiz's and other Oscar history trivia and games that may be fun to enter. It's a good web-site for any Oscar buff.

Re: Susan with her Oscar!!

Ray, thanks for the website tip, and I'll be sure and check it out!

Re: Susan with her Oscar!!

Ray, considering that it is for Oscar 2006, it is a quite wonderful that Susan was highlighted initially as you say in the Chuck Heston shot, but even more so when it is she who is chosen to be the face of the retro style section.

Looking at some of the names in that section like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner etc etc I think it is great that a Susan Hayward photo is used which goes to show that presumably she is still highly thought of when one looks at past Oscar winners and styles.


Re: Re: Susan with her Oscar!!

Hello everyone. And Hello Ginger. Been a while since I've been in, due to ay eye situation, the computer has not been a great friend :). But you all have not been forgotten. Hope all is well with everyone. I must go through the post this weekend and catch up sometime.

I remember the stories about how determined Susan was to make this appearance when she was feeling very poorly. As I remember it had been mentioned that this was her greatest performance. No one knew how bad she was and she pulled it off. Charlton had to hold her up upon entering, and by her wishes, it was made to look like she was walking on her own without support, except for the "Gentlemen's Arm". And she was buried , by request, in that beautiful green dress. Just like in some of her rolls she played, she got what she wanted.


Re: Re: Re: Susan with her Oscar!!

Dave. it's so good to hear from you, and actually, it's because of you that this message board even exists. You are the one who originally encouraged me to open up a message board. You probably don't even remember that!...?... anyway, I also have another message board.. a more general and fun/type one called Ginger's Forum.. it's separate and apart from this special one for Susan. I'll post the url for it in just a few minutes in case you want to check in with it from time to time.

I'm sorry about your eye situation, and yes, the computer can be hard on our eyes even if we haven't been having any trouble previously.

This appearance by Susan at the Academy Awards was so
admirable and inspirational. I don't know how she ever had the courage to do it.. to stand before that crowd at the ceremony and before millions in tv land, knowing that it would be her final appearance/her farewell and taking the risk of a seizure and/or physical discomfort so that she could say goodbye.

Welcome back, Dave.. hope to hear from you more...Ginger

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan with her Oscar!!/Ginger's Forum url...

Dave,here is the url for Ginger's Forum...come join us.. click in the "website" field above...

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How true Kerry - nobody is ever going to forget Susan.
It seems like she had to fight for what she believed in for a lot of her life.

Thelma Ritter was so wrong in "Song" when the dialogue went something like - "you don't have what it takes - guts!" Naturally, that was only acting but who could have had more "guts" than dear Susan when she faced her final illness. It doesn't bear thinking about what she went through with the greatest courage imagineable although I do believe her religion was a governing force in helping her.

Its no wonder so many of us put her on a pedestal - quite apart from the obvious beauty and acting ability
Susan was totally unique as her screen persona showed. She was really incomparable and the brightest shining STAR in Hollywood.

I feel so blessed to be counted as one of her admirers.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan with her Oscar!!/Ginger's Forum url...

Ditto for me, Trish.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan with her Oscar!!

Well Many Thanks for the kind words and the great welcome home. You have made this home for all of us here, not just because of the Susan Hayward content, but for you being the special Lady that you are. I think many here will agree with me, that we come here to see and visit with you as well. Maybe this is the only board that has 2 stars.

Yes I do remember about wanting to get a board started. And what a success you have made it -- drawing a bunch of fabulous people in as well. Even though I have not been "in" I have thought of you, Kerry, and the others from time to time. Nice people are not easily forgotten.

I'll check out the other board as well.