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Happy Birthday To Timothy and Gregory!/'February 19

Happy Birthday to Jess and Susan's twin sons, Timothy and Gregory whose birthdays are February 19th..God Bless and I hope you both have many more!Happy Birthday

Re: Happy Birthday To Timothy and Gregory!/'February 19

Many Happy Returns of the Day Timothy and Gregory. I hope it is an enjoyable day for both of you and your families.


Re: Happy Birthday To Timothy and Gregory!/'February 19

I echo Ginger's sentiments, Greg and Tim - a very happy birthday to you both.

I know your mother's timing with acting lines was impeccable, but to think that she also managed to bring you both into the world just in time to remain as Aquarians is another testament to her skills - lol.
Hope you and your families enjoyed your natal day.


Um...she told us we were Pices....Thanks!

Re: Um...she told us we were Pices....Thanks!

Hi Tim

My utter apologies. Your mother was indeed correct. It seems to depend on where one looks for birth signs but generally Aquarius ends on 18 Feb and Pisces commences on the 19th.

(I am writing this from Australia which on International Date and Time lines is approx 12 hours ahead of California for example, so maybe you were Aquarians in Aus. time - lol.)

Actually I pay little mind to astrology and only bang on about Aquarians because the musical "Hair" in the 60's promised us it was our age ! Yeah right - we are still waiting. !!!

Regardless, hope it was a good day for you and all the very best for 2006.



Re: Barker in Melbourne

My son Michael is in Melbourne where he has been giving skateboard demos with his buds. He comes back to the States on Thursday...

Tim B.

Re: Re: Barker in Melbourne

I very much hope Michael's visit went well for him, Tim.

I dwell up in the north of Oz in tropical Queensland and Melbourne is a southern Capital so I have no idea what the weather was like for Michael's stay - but I pray that it was not the humid sauna that we have been "enjoying" (??)lately up here.

Heath Ledger who is Australian and did about four films last year, "Casanova" and "Brokeback Mountain" among them, also did "Lords of Dogtown" based on the skateboarding culture that surfaced in Venice, California in the late 60's.
Sounds as if your Michael should have been involved in the film -



Mike Barker skates!!!

Right here:


Re: Mike Barker skates!!!

Tim,Wow... that is awesome...I don't know how I overlooked this post...sorry to be so slow at acknowledging it...I can't get over how fantastic he is. I'll pass that along to everybody I can think of...!!..I copypasted the link above which might make it a little easier to get to...everybody should be able just to click on it...I'll put a note at the top of the message board too...Thanks so much for posting it and letting us see Michael's fantastic performance. He's really nice looking. I can see you and his grandmother!...Thank you, Tim!

Re: Re: Re: Barker in Melbourne

dear kerry,
I was just watching susan in a film called I'll cry tomorrow, what a terrfic actress she was, I remembered that she had twin sons, so i looked on imb database, and there she was, I tride her biography, so I thought perhaps i will find out about her children if i just put her name into the search engine. I dont know where you are but i live in melbourne Australia.
pleae wwrite back,
all the best,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Barker in Melbourne

Hi Barbara

I apologise for the delay in response. I had not been checking this far back on the board and luckily Ginger ( our web hostess responsible for this great site) alerted me to an outstanding message.

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. To this stage, I thought I was the only Australian regular on this board so it is nice to see another down under Susan fan around.
She certainly was something wasn't she. !!!