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David and Bathsheba

I am quoting a little snippet which caught my eye :

"The full scale replica of the Ark of the Covenant used in the film David and Bathsheba was constructed of oiled acacia wood. This prop would be purchased many years later at a 20th Century Fox Studio auction by Susan Hayward".

I wonder if Susan kept it in her home for storage purposes?

She was stunningly beautiful in this movie especially up on the hill with Gregory Peck. I always thought they looked a good couple on screen.


Re: David and Bathsheba

Trish, that's very interesting about the Ark replica.. I had never read or heard anything about her purchasing it.

I would have liked to have seen more films with Hayward and Peck. I think they had good onscreen chemistry.

I've always thought there was some really odd casting with Jayne Meadows in her role in that film. I'm sure she must be a nice lady, but I cringe when she comes on screen.. LOL

Re: Re: David and Bathsheba

Although she did vast amounts of TV work from the 50's onward, I can really only remember Jayne Meadows in one other movie which was the noirish "Lady in the Lake" where she had a small part as it was really Audrey Totter's film.
(The darkly funny and very, very clever film from last year "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" used chapter headings from Raymond Chandler as chapters of the movie and Lady in the Lake was one of them.)

I agree with you both that Susan and Greg Peck worked well when paired on screen. 'Tis a pity that their other offering, "Snows of Kilimanjaro" basically had Ava Gardner as Peck's main lead, and his screen time with Susan was not ideal for highlighting chemistry as his character, Harry Street, was so peevish and self-pitying for much of their time.

As for 'the Ark' - what a great story Trish.


Re: Re: Re: David and Bathsheba/Audrey/Jayne/Audrey

Kerry, I remember Jayne Meadows in "Lady In The Lake"..just a little aside...Jayne's real last name was Cotter. She was Jayne Cotter and her sister, Audrey (Meadows) was Audrey Cotter. At the time two sisters came on the scene, we also had an Audrey Totter...therefore, Jayne's sister, would have been Audrey Cotter trying to make it in Hollywood alongside Audrey Totter...so to help things be a little less confusing, they both change their names to Meadows..I didn't know how you could get by without this info, so thought I'd be sure and let you know.. LOL

Re: Re: Re: Re: David and Bathsheba/Audrey/Jayne/Audrey

I was quite unaware Ginger, of the Cotter lasses and the Totter / Cotter dilemma that could have arisen.lol

I was even unaware that Jayne and Audrey were sisters, so I have been tottering through life with a considerable gap in my celluloid knowledge.

Although Audrey Meadows did quite a bit of work during her career, she will always be defined for me as Alice Kramden from "The Honeymooners" - I loved that show when I was just a tot. -


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David and Bathsheba/Audrey/Jayne/Audrey

Audrey Meadows was the greatest Alice ever. I love that show also.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David and Bathsheba/Audrey/Jayne/Audrey

I had the unique pleasure of seeing both Jayne and Audrey in person. I saw Jayne twice, about five years between the two times--once in an ice-cream store and another time in the grocery store. It's quite a event to look up from perusing apples to see the unmistakable bright red hair of Jayne Meadows.
The one time I saw Audrey was shopping in an upscale supermarket. Audrey dressed more elegantly than Jayne and lived in the more fashionable part of town. I thought the differences between them, in dress and style, were quite interesting.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David and Bathsheba/Audrey/Jayne/Audrey

Jill, I would have pegged them just the opposite... Jayne more glamorous with the ritzy lifestyle, and Audrey , more plain living ( guess that's the Alice effect one me.. ha).. thanks for the story and the insight..Ginger