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Back Street with Susan Hayward

I am looking for a new copy of Back Street starring Susan Hayward for a friend.

Re: Back Street with Susan Hayward

Mary, it's my understanding that Back Street has not been released on video/dvd--unless it has been recently and I've missed the information..so it's probably not possible to get a new copy at this point...ebay is a good place to look for used copies. I got a used copy at ebay and it is excellent...good luck...Ginger

Re: Re: Back Street with Susan Hayward

There are new & used VHS copies available at amazon.com

Re: Re: Re: Back Street with Susan Hayward

Blooeyze--I'm glad you posted that site. Of course, it has been released.. I have a used "released" copy.. duh, I don't know what I was thinking... Ginger