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Great Redheads

I may be repeating myself with this, but what the hey! Starting with Susan Hayward, name your favorite redheads. Mind you, they can be men, too.

Re: Great Redheads

Gloria, the first one that comes to mind for me is Ann-Margret.. I'm a real fan of hers, and at approximatey 64 years of age, she looks fabulous.

Of course I LOVE LUCY too...(even though hers was dyed.. ha)

Re: Re: Great Redheads

Maureen O'Hara, a beautiful redhead and last time I saw her which was a couple of years ago on Larry King, she was still gorgeous. She must be about 85 at least.

Then there's Rita Hayworth. I never followed her career very closely, but I saw her in Gilda last year for the fir time and she was an absolute knock-out for sure.

I'm trying to thing of a red-headed guy (other than Red Skelton)...LOL

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Might I add one of Susan's co-stars to the male redhead list -- Van Heflin. (At least, I think he was a redhead.)

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Gloria, I've seen Tap Roots, but I didn't recall that Heflin was a redhead but now that you mention it I think he was...he was a fine actor. I liked his work, but most of what I remember of him is his acting in black and white movies... Ginger

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Great Redheads

A good question Gloria.

I immediately think of Rita Hayworth, a lovely star who sported red hair in a lot of her films but she really had very dark almost black hair from her Spanish ancestors. I really liked her in Cover Girl (and a lot of other films) and her dancing was spectacular but she had trained from childhood. (Jess Barker had a part in this one too - I always loved Jess on screen - he was so very handsome, spoke beautifully and really should have made it higher up the ladder than he did. He also did very well in Scarlet Street.)

As Ginger mentioned, Maureen O'Hara is another lovely lady but the girl who sprang to mind first was Piper Laurie. I remember seeing her in The Prince Who Was a Thief with Tony Curtis. Her hair was glorious, similar to Susan's at the time and I believe she was a natural redhead.

I think Deborah Kerr was a natural redhead too. I always think of her in An Affair to Remember - wonderful. Two other leading ladies who, I believe were natural redheads were Rhonda Fleming and Arlene Dahl. (I loved Lucy too, natural or not).

I can't think of any male redheaded star except of course, Red Buttons. Oh yes, I believe Don Barry had red hair, didn't he? Maybe Van Johnson did too, he certainly had the complexion of a redhead - perhaps it was a sandy blond?


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Maybe Danny Kaye Trish ? James Cagney, Samantha Eggar, Greer Garson ?, Lee Grant , Ron Howard, Nicole Kidman and what about Kate Hepburn ? Oh Shirley Maclaine and Julianne Moore maybe .?