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This should be a celebration day.

This should be a day to celebrate Susan's life but I know you are all feeling as sad as I am. We have so much to thank Susan for in enabling us to admire her and her wonderful work over the years. She has enriched my life beyond measure. If all our thoughts can reach her in heaven she has many people thinking of her today.

I believe we all remember the sad circumstances in hearing of Susan's passing. I didn't know until the Saturday morning when my mother (after hearing the announcement on the early morning news here in the U.K.) came immediately to my home to let me know as she obviously knew how devastated I would be. I will always be thankful to her for her thoughtfulness as we just clung together and cried. She loved her too. I was so fortunate that I was able to cry in the privacy of my home.

On the Fourteenth day of March in 1975
Our beloved Susan gave up her fight to stay alive.
God took her home so no more pain was left
But we her loving fans felt decidedly bereft.

She had entered all our lives in many different ways
And had captured our hearts till the end of our days.
We love and admire her and always will know
This Special Lady is adored wherever we may go.

I would like to reiterate Kerry's thoughts and leave my condolences for Susan's family.