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Susan Hayward

I lived in the San Fernando Valley as a child and I remember the Mable Monahan murder investigation. Everyone was scared to death. Nothing much was on the news to scare you in those days but Russia bombing us at some point.
So,we followed the trial and my Grandfather even drove by Mabels little quaint house in Studio City which is near all the movie
Then they found out who did it and soon after "I want to live" came out to the theaters. We all went to see it. I loved
Susan Hayward ever since then, she was a great actress and we were all saddened by her death. My Grandparents lived to be almost 100 years old each (1897-1996) and the stories they would tell me about movie stars and such kept me in amazement. My parents both worked at Universal for years my Mom was secretary for Ross Hunter who did the Elvis movies and my Dad was a set
builder and welder there. We used to go to meet them for lunch once and awhile it was so fun.
I can remember as a kid going out to dinner in the old Hollywood era at Lowrey's Prime Rib and a few of the restaurants on restaurant row and seeing John Wayne, Elvis,
Clark Gable and many more stars having dinner. I was young then so I didn't get impressed by John Wayne till later, but I remember him being drunk and loud and everyone staring at him. He definitely wanted to be noticed! We talked about that for weeks! lol I remember he smoked cigarettes while he was eating! Elvis was larger than life for me, he would always be dressed so elegant for those days and come in with his group of male friends. I saw him twice and he was only with the same guys.
Those were the good old days..... thanks for a memory...Sandee

Re: Susan Hayward

I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks!

Re: Susan Hayward

Sandee, thanks for sharing this with us. It's a really interesting post....Ginger

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Although I love living on the east coast, I do envy those of you who live in the Los Angeles area and got to see movie folk as you did when the cameras weren't rolling.

I admit to being amazed that John Wayne behaved the way he did in the restaurant, as I always thought he was supposed to be a gentleman. (And our gal Susan Hayward even said so.)

As to the Mabel Monaghan murder, my understanding of that is that many people believed Barbara Graham was there when it happened but did not actively take part in the act itself. If true, it's sad to think she bore the brunt of retribution, and the others got off.

You must have many movie tidbits to relate from your grandparents' jobs in the studios, and we movie buffs always like to hear them. Thanks for sharing these.

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I didn't mean to tarnish John Wayne's immage. I did see him twice in a restaurant and he acted
the same both times. I guess alcohol gives us all a
bit of courage. I enjoyed his movies though and that is what is important in the long run. We all have our bad days.

Re: Re: Susan Hayward

It doesn't surprise me one bit, about Wayne being a lush
Hasn't any of you seen the clip on TCM..with Maureen O'Hara..and how she tried to get him home, one night, and what an emabrassment it was for her?

It's shown often enough...so I'm not repeating it here.

Errol...(By the way, I for one, don't think of THE DUKE
to be God's gift to the silver screen or the patriotic symbol that many seem to think him to have been. He wouldn't get my vote for dog catcher!) But..of course that's just...ME...showing my independence again! (lol)