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Jay Bernstein, Susan's former publicist, died today.

Jay Bernstein, who was Susan Hayward's public relations guy (at least in the early seventies when she made Heat of Anger and Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole), died. I believe that Susan's son Tim Barker also worked for Bernstein at some point. Can anyone add any information on that, maybe even Tim himself?

Re: Jay Bernstein, Susan's former publicist, died today.

I did not know that he had died Gloria - on recollection, he was not particularly old either I don't think ?

I can offer little inside info here of course, other than to say that he was one of the most powerful managers and publicists in movies and TV. Was it "The Starmaker" that was an accolade usually subscribed to him ?

Hopefully, Tim or someone who may have actually have known or met the man can volunteer some specific info.


Re: Re: Jay Bernstein, Susan's former publicist, died today.

Thank you, Gloria. I had not heard this news. Maybe if Tim stops by he can talk to us more about Jay Bernstein........Ginger

Death of Jay...

I worked for Jay from Sept. '71 till early 1974.

I last spoke to him in Sept. 1995, after he had attempted to take his own life.

Jay was a troubled person.

I know a lot, I prefer to say little....


Tim B.

Re: Death of Jay...

Hi Tim, thank you for touching base with us regarding Jay Bernstein. I had not realized that he was so troubled. It's sad....Ginger

Re: Death of Jay...

Hey Tim

I echo Ginger's comment and thank you for your addition to the posting.

I also respect yout reticence in preferring to not discuss details of Jay.

Hope you and family are all well.