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I guess you may all know, that the government is planning a neuclar test in the Nevada desert on June 2nd
I have heard both..that it was still ON..and then that it was CANCELLED.

It is very chilling, living in this area, since so many people in southern Utah. St. George area, along with Susan and other stars of THE CONQUERER lived with cancer from the blast they did in the 1950's...and when it happens...it all depends on which way the wind blows..as to where the things in the air may go...

They say, because of it being done 'underground' that we will not have to worry..HOW DO THEY KNOW?? Each time I hear about these type things going on, it always reminds me of the song from 'LIL' ABNER'..when
the government agent says..."Why, you people should be PROUD of living her..because THE GOVERNMENT has decided that you are..'the most unnecessary people in the world'...YEAH...so bring it on...were not worth a **** to the GOVERNMENT...which isnt' MUCH anymore itself.

I put this on here, since this is the very thing that caused Susan's death, years later. HOW LITTLE WE KNOW




I live not far from the Limerick Nuclear Plant in Pennsylvania, and I can recall vividly back in 1979 when it went off line (or something to that effect). Scared the you-know-what out of me and a lot of other folks.

I know some people have tried to convince us that Susan didn't die from any bomb fallout but from smoking. All I know is that too many people in that film died to say it was from smoking! The government just didn't want to admit to anything for fear it would be sued.

Now the current administration wants to open more nuclear plants instead of pushing the auto companies to increase the miles-per-gallon capacity of its cars. Hey, why not? No problem if we have more nuclear scares and people get cancer as in Chernobyl, right?

It is downright disgusting.


Gloria...I agree with you on all you have said. It would be nice to know the 'real truth' on these people's deaths...and all the death's of the people in the Dt. George area, that 'just happened..to happen' at the same time. The people of this area KNOW what killed them. I don't care what the government has to say..but you can't sue the government. In fact, if you say too much about disliking things happening, nowdays..you just might be called a tratior to your country.

How sad it is! I never thought I would live to see the day when neighbor or family members would turn against one another, because of fear of their own government.
Of course, this is not the first time we have been lied to...but I see no one sticking up for the areas in this country, where we live in fear of these tests.

I am happy to say...and you would know it by now, I' sure, that 'they told us'...the test was not made at the first part of June...But then...who's to know for sure....??