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June 30th

Here is to remembering Susan Hayward today! She was born 89 years ago in Brooklyn, New York. What a strong-willed, determined, beautiful and talented lady she was! I first noticed her in "Back Street" and then, like Errol, I was totally hooked after seeing "With A Song In My Heart." Thank you Susan Hayward for giving of your talent and for just being you...thank you for those performances-- so raw and earthy and yet so sweet and vulnerable. Thank you for that fighting spirit of yours. Thank you for the person you were.. imperfections and all. I always figured you were just one of us and I loved you for it.............Ginger

Re: June 30th

I fell in love with Susan after seeing her in "With A Song In My Heart" in 1952. One of my oldest sisters decided to take me to the movies back then. I remember her looking thru the movie listing in the newspaper and decided on "Song" from then on I also was hooked. I admired her fantastic beauty and I fell in love with the title song....I remember humming it for days after that.
Then my mother bought me the 45 rpm recording of Jane Froman, which I still have.... has a little wear and tear. God bless you Susan and I love you now and forever.

Re: Re: June 30th

Like you, Ray, I fell in love with Susan when seeing With a Song In My Heart in the theater. I've said this before and repeat it here: I got myself in a lot of trouble because I was so mesmerized that I sat through the film twice. The next thing I knew a flashlight was being flashed in my face, and there was my father, who had been sent by my mother to find out why I hadn't come home yet!

That was half a century ago, and I still love the woman for all the joy and entertainment she has provided me, and so many others. In our hearts, Susan will live for as long as we do. And, because of film, she will survive even beyond our mortality. And for that, I, for one, will always be grateful.