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MARRIGE-GO-ROUND....showing on FOX Channel

I know this is real 'short notice'...but depending in what area you live in, you may still catch the showing of THE MARRIAGE-GO-ROUND...today Sunday July 9th. It's showing on the FOX channel, in my area, right now.

ALSO...remember that once FOX starts showing a film, it usually repeats...many times, in the following weeks, so if you did miss it, keep checking on the FOX channel to see when it will show again.

Real nice...print of this film...and although it is not one of my favorite of Susan's films, I am just so HAPPY to see another one reaching others who haven't seen our gal...and for the chance for all of us who already know what a wonderful, beautiful actress she is and always be.....Later...and love to all..Errol

Re: MARRIGE-GO-ROUND....showing on FOX Channel

Errol, thanks for the heads up. I missed it today, but I'll check the listing. As you say, FMC always repeats the films. I have a copy of Marriage-Go-Round, but it is a bad one. I'd like to get a better copy. It's not one of my favorites of Susan's either, but still, it's enjoyable. I don't think comedy was her strong suit, but she's beautiful in it, and her acting is terrific as always.