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Pretty amazing, isn't it?!

Click above for information on a photo signed by Susan Hayward. I keep thinking of the little girl who grew up in Brooklyn, selling those newspapers, and living through hard times. She would probably be amazed also.

Re: Pretty amazing, isn't it?!

Yes it is amazing I agree. Also gratifying to know that despite the passage of years, and despite the fact that Susan has never been slotted into that rarefied niche in the public conciousness, where certain stars memorabilia continue to command fortunes decades after their deaths ( Monroe, Dean, Presley etc) - that such a value is placed upon this item.

I am pleased on the one hand, as it is a wonderful recognition of her enduring mystique and appeal - but on the other hand I am wounded and woeful, as I cannot possibly afford to bid. LOL.


Re: Re: Pretty amazing, isn't it?!

I can't afford anything like that either, Kerry, but it is nice to see that her signature can command such value. Of course ,actually, we already own the most valuable parts of her.. the work that she did on film and our knowledge and a appreciation of her as a person.

Re: Re: Re: Pretty amazing, isn't it?!

..I HATE it when I am not on here with you other fans..and time slips by, when I can't comment on the 'chat'..but I couldn't help feeling so sad when I read this one!

It had taken me YEARS..to get a collection on the huge 40x60 posters of SUSAN'S FILMS. I didn't every one, but I sure had A LOT of them. I vowed I would never part with those posters or the pictures of her. But life can sometimes put you in situations where you have no other way to go..but to sell them.

This happened about 7 years before I gave my picture collection to Ginger, so that I would be sure they, too, did not get sold, stolen or just dumped into the garbage (which my family members would surely do) if I were to die and leave them behind. SOO..at least the photos were saved and given to ALL OF YOU to see and enjoy from time to time. I THANK GINGER for doing such a wonderful job and posting them. (I have to chuckle, because if you knew the time she put into these pics
getting them on the site for all of you to enjoy, it was kind of funny...unless you happend to be Ginger, who had all that work to do. She would email me and say..."I'm sorry I'm going so slow, but there are A LOT OF PICS..but I'm up to..(such and such)..and it won't be long before they will all be on." It was a dedicated work load she had been given, and I knew she had 'A LIFE' other than her dedication to all of the fans who would soon be seeing them.

WELL....I wish the same thing could have happend to all the posters as well...but I wound up in a big financial binde and went to Las Vegas with all my SUSAN POSTERS. What saddens me the most, is that for an autograph on ONE PICTURE..the price was this high and I sold MY ENTIRE COLLECTION OF POSTERS FOR $1,000
I knew I had about 14,000 in posters there, but I had no choice!

They may still be on display in a memrobelia shop at CESARS PALACE, since I sold them to a female collector who owned the shop with her husband and didn't want to miss out on a deal like this. NO..I guess not! Had I not been so worn out and depressed, I would have never taken the sale at that price, but I didn't even bicker on the price at all...just said OK and lost them all.

Life has gone on...and maybe someone else has them, but I DOUBT IT..That woman got her favorite star in one lump sum of MEMORBILIA.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Pretty amazing, isn't it?!

Hey Errol...I so much appreciate the photos and you know I was thrilled to get them on the website. Yes, it takes a lot of time to load the photos, sometimes cut them down to a smaller size, so they won't take up a lot of space, and then design the page itself. Trish has sent me a lot of photos that are just waiting to get done, and I apologize to her also for being so slow about it...but they will all get there eventually! I appreciate all of you who have contributed to generously to Susan's website, and I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience with me!

I was amazed that the signed photo of Susan went for so much money. Something tells me she would be amazed too! That is too bad about your posters Errol, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do, and not look back. You made the best decision about it at the time that you could.

Glad to have you back!..Ginger