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Going to Arkansas

Hello everyone...I am going to Arkansas tomorrow (Wednesday)...my mother is having neck surgery.. a 70 percent clogged artery...anyway...I probably won't be back online until next Tuesday or Wed...at best...I might can get to a computer while away, but not sure.....please keep us in your prayers... Thank you..Ginger

Re: Going to Arkansas


I'll be thinking of your mother and wishing her a speedy recovery. I know that having you there will help heal her faster and more comfortably.

I also know that everyone here will miss you and we'll look forward to your HAPPY return!


Re: Re: Going to Arkansas

Safe trip Ginger and I also send best wishes for a successful operation for your mother.

The heartening news is that because surgical procedures such as artery stripping and heart related matters like pacemaker insertions etc have become so routine and skilled nowadays, the odds are good for her rapid recovery.

We will be keeping you in mind



Re: Re: Going to Arkansas

Kerry and Gloria.. thank you!...As I mentioned on the "Ginger's Forum".. I finally got access to a computer!
My mom's surgery went well.. she is very weak, but improves daily. The surgery was on her carotid artery. I think it is a fairly common surgery, but don't let anybody kid you.. it's extensive..my mom said everybody was making light of it, "but just wait till they have to have it!" She was in critical care the entire time because she has a heart problem also - atrial fibrillation. She has friends and neighbors bringing food. I think I will be able to leave on Thur. or Friday. I'm thankful I was able to get here in time for the surgery and be able to stay with her for a while.

I've missed the message boards, my email friends, and just basically working on the webpages...I hope to get back in gear soon.

Thank you again!

Re: Re: Re: Going to Arkansas

Hello Ginger,

I wish your mother a quick recovery and it is great she can have you in such a difficult time.

Take care,

Philippe from Amsterdam.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Going to Arkansas

Thank you very much, Phillipe! I am on my way back to Kansas City today! My mother is in the safe care of friends and relatives until she can fully manage on her own...Thank you again for your concern!