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Our Susan Shined!!

Our dear Susan shined on Turner Classic Movies all day on August 3rd showing her films into the following morning. It was Susan's day alright...it was great to see that TCM finally recognized and paid tribute to our Susan. Robert Osborn was so kind and added wonderful comments on her after each movie. He talked about meeting and interviewing her a long time ago, and was very gracious. I hope some of you where able to catch some of the films, especially "Girls on Probation" which is rarely shown. Take care all you dear fans.

Re: Our Susan Shined!!

Ray, I was in Arkansas with my mother after her surgery on the Susan/TCM day, but I did catch some brief moments of some of her films....Deadline At Dawn, They Won't Believe Me, Tulsa, and The Lusty Men...I missed Osborne's comments! I am so sorry about that! I also missed Girls On Probation which I can't remember ever seeing. I am glad she was given a whole day of Tribute on TCM.. it's about time!...I'd love to see her as Star of the Month and also given a special screen stories type bio as they do some of the other great stars.

Re: Re: Our Susan Shined!!

Hi, Ray.

Since I'm the only one left in the U.S. who doesn't have cable, I hit on my girlfriend's boyfriend, who does, with a list of the films I wanted. I also got some films that I'd already acquired because Steve just let the tapes run, such as Deadline at Dawn, The Lusty Men, With a Song In My Heart and Smash Up. But I also got Girls on Probation (which I haven't viewed yet) and Comet Over Broadway (in which she was a little stouter than later on with her round face and the more pronounced Brooklyn accent, which was adorable).

I got to see They Won't Believe Me for the first time in many years. Although I'd forgotten what led up to the end, I sure remembered that part..riveting.

I hadn't seen I Thank a Fool before and, frankly, it wasn't her best picture, but as usual, she was a joy to watch. I recall reading that Eaton and she had gotten a trip to Ireland out of it, but I wish she'd had a better script to work with. And I did not like her with Peter Finch at all.

Right now I'm watching Tulsa (again, I'd seen it years ago). God, she was so gorgeous in it.

Steve copied The Hairy Ape (again, I saw it years ago) and Ada, which I'd also seen before but wanted to see again.

There are still so many of her films that I want to acquire. I'd especially like to see Adam Had Four Sons and The Lost Moment again. If you or anyone else learns of these being shown on cable (except for Oxygen which Steve does not get), please post it on here, so I can have him copy them.

Hope all is well with you, Ray.

Re: Re: Re: Our Susan Shined!!

Hi, I'm new to this board. I noticed that the movie
Adam Had Four Sons was listed on the Current Month
TV schedule. It's to be shown on August 30, 1:00 AM,
Turner Classic Movies.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Our Susan Shined!! / Adam - see prior post

Check your local TV listings for the right time.