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Susan's Sons?

What happened to them after the she left us and where are they now?

My 1st post here.

Re: Susan's Sons?

Hi and welcome to this site. Susan's son Tim worked in public relations in Hollywood for a while, and her son Greg was a veterinarian, I believe in Florida. I think Tim is still working and Greg is retired. Both sons have families of their own. Greg's son and daughter-in-law had visited Susan's grave in Carrollton, Georgia while one of Susan's fans was there, and there's a picture of them on Ginger's non-Susan website. There are also pictures of Tim and his daughter on that site. Occasionally, Tim checks in at the website, and once Greg's son did as well. The people who regularly are on this specific website, like myself, at the diehard fans, and we always welcome more people.

I hope this fills you in just a bit.

Re: Re: Susan's Sons?

Thank You Gloria.

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Welcome to the message board, Fast5! We hope you'll visit often!