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Just A Suggestion For Using This Message Board

Sometimes a newcomer or even a regular member will reply to a relatively old post.. one that in which you might have to scroll way down or go to some back pages. If you switch to "board style" permanently or just every once in a while, you'll catch these posts because they will appear at the top of the "board" style page. I wish they would bump up to the top on the threaded style (which is the one I prefer actually reading), but they don't...so I have gotten into the habit of checking the "board" style frequently to catch some replies to back posts/You can click the link under the picture at the top of the page. ...Thanks....Ginger

Re: Just A Suggestion For Using This Message Board

Good suggestion Ginger. I also traditionally prefer the threaded style but as you say, would rarely look back months in the past at a thread that appeared to have been finalised back then.

(If you are reading this Barbara - I have made a belated reply to your post of earlier this month.)

Thanks Ginger