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Adam Had Four Sons

For Gloria,

This movie will be played on August 30, Turner Classic
Movies Channel.

Re: Adam Had Four Sons

Check local listings for the correct time.

Re: Re: Adam Had Four Sons

It might be shown on August 29, in your area, because
the time listed for it is August 30, 1:00 AM.

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Amy, thanks so much for the info. I have a copy but I wouldn't mind having a newer one. This is a wonderful break-through film role for Hayward. She played the self-centered conniving Hester perfectly, and she was beautiful all the while she was doing. You loved to hate her! She had a good relationship with Ingrid Bergman according to several biograhies written about her(Hayward).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Adam Had Four Sons

Ginger, you're very welcome. I have a lot of catching
up to do... in seeing Susan's movies. I've only seen
the most popular ones... like I Want to Live, and I'll
Cry Tomorrow.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Adam Had Four Sons

Oh, Wow.. you are in for a treat. Watch for With A Song In My Heart on television--this film has to be one of her absolute bests...there is no vhs or dvd, but sometimes you can purchase a copy from ebay. Also, another favorite of mine is The President's Lady. Hayward was brilliant as Rachel Jackson. This is on television once in a while.

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Yup, I have a lot of catching up to do!

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You should check out Smash-Up. That's a great one too.
It's available on dvd. Her first academy award nomination.

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Thanks to Amy and everyone for the info on Adam Had Four Sons.

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One other thing, I might add, which I have done before on this duo of BERGMAN/HAYWARD..It was suppose to be BERGMAN'S film, but the HAYWARD portryal of Hester steals the film.

BERGMAN was quoted, later on when asked if she had a favorite film actress and she said.."Yes...SUSAN HAYWARD
I worked with her, so I know how talented she is and I would have to say that she became 'my favorite'...Pretty good coming from a fine actress who knew talent when she seen it..and worked...with it! BERGMAN becomes the good woman, but she had her work cut out for her, performing with another 'good woman' being...VERY, VERY,....BAD...!! Shame on you Susan!

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Hi, Errol:

Nice to hear from you. Yes, I knew that Susan and Ingrid were friendly to each other, and I always assumed it was because each valued the other's work. I admired Bergman, too. In such a competitive field as acting, it's good to know that actors can appreciate another's performances, as you well know from your own experiences.

I hope all's well with you.