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and NO..I'm not the ghost of GENE AUTRY coming back to haunt you!

As Kerry can verify, I have had one hard year, health wise and unable to do the stage musicals that I have missed so much this summer. Kerry and I have kept in touch when I am able to return his emails. BUT..I have changed doctor's and am on the mend to getting back to being my old self.

I had to tell all of you that for the past few months, I have been EDUCATING a new SUSAN FAN, by sharing his first viewings of her films. He is a nurses aide who was born in 1955 and I couldn't help but think that he was born the year we were mezmorized by SUSAN HAYWARD in I'LL CRY TOMORROW. In fact, he told me that his mother's favorite film star was SUSAN HAYWARD..)Humm..

wELL..I started him out with I WANT TO LIVE! and WITH A SONG IN MY HEART. We did a wide spread from ADAM HAD FOUR SONS to WHERE LOVE HAS GONE. Of course he has also become a FAN..and was broken up crying for a good 15 minutes after BACK STREET. I won't mention all of the films that we watched while I was down sick, but still have some nice ones that he hasn't got to see yet, when he returns in about a month, to see how I am doing.

I have a hard time watching STOLEN HOURS, but will be showing him that one too, but not until I'm in a frame of mind to deal with it again. It is too much like Susan's own death for me to handle most of the time.

There is still ADA, which he is anxious to see how it would work (good or bad) with the HAYWARD/MARTIN chemistry. He also hasn't seen WOMAN OBSESSED, THE LOST MOMENT, THE MARRIAGE-GO ROUND..(Aggghh, pardon me but agggh), THUNDER IN THE SUN, TAPP ROOTS, THE PRESIDENT'S LADY (OH..YESSS) SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, DEADLINE AT DAWN, THE LUSTY MEN..(you see..the list goes on and on and every one of her performances were 'different' yet still with the SUSAN FLAIR)

YES...He did see I'LL CRY TOMORROW and of course, like on most all of them, he would usually take a walk and a smoke, so I wouldn't see just how involved he had gotten into her roles. Some don't like to see you cry!
I for one...don't care..because it shows you have true feelings and not afraid to show them.

Finally...it got to the point where he wouldn't go for the smoke/walk...he would let it all out and show how it had affected him.

Sooo...now you all will know that being down sick, was not all bad...not when you can convert a NEW HAYWARD FAN in the process...Love to one and All...


Welcome back, Errol!

I'm so sorry to hear that you've not been feeling well. I just asssumed that we hadn't heard from you because you were busy doing all those wonderful musicals and shows. But it sounds as though you're on the mend now, and I hope that means you'll be favoring us with more postings.

Oh, just reading what you've been watching has taken me back to so many memories. Like you, I've had a hard time watching Stolen Hours, although I find myself putting it on again and again. Darned if I can figure out why, since, like you, it affects me so much to know how close it was to her sickness. Life imitating art? We'll never know.

Although she did make some bad films, most of them were really good. And, no matter what part she played, she always gave it her all. My favorites were With a Song in My Heart, Back Street, The President's Lady, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Deadline at Dawn, Adam Had Four Sons, My Foolish Heart, I Want to Live, and The Lusty Men.

Incidentally, as hard as it is to watch Stolen Hours, it was equally hard to watch Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole, for obvious reasons.

Well, we just have to be grateful to still have her in movies so we can see and hear her whenever we need to.

Stay well, Errol. We missed you.


Re: Re: BACK...IN...THE...SADDLE...AGAIN....

So sorry to hear of your illness Errol and hope everything is fine with you now. We have missed your postings.

It is so interesting to read of you bringing Susan's wonderful work to your nurse and to know his reactions. I never worry about crying in front of anyone either where our dear Susan is concerned.

I too have been showing her movies to a friend over the past months. She already liked Susan and now I believe she loves her too. Just today we watched I Want To Live and she was totally overwhelmed with Susan in this one - especially after seeing the "pretty" technicolour ones we have been watching in the past.

Enjoy Adam Had Four Sons Gloria - so pleased you have this one at last. Susan is absolutely magical in this one - pops right off the screen at you!!

You mentioned the wonderful Stolen Hours - I am about to write a note re this movie.


Re: Re: BACK...IN...THE...SADDLE...AGAIN....

Gloria..Thanks for the kind things you have said. Yes, I think I'm back 'among the living' (just had to put a SUSAN TITLE in there didn't I..)

I haven't seen SAY GOODBYE MAGGIE COLE since it was first on tv and have no idea if there's a way to get a copy of that one. Do you know if it's on vhs?

YES...it will be harder to watch than STOLEN HOURS, but I MUST have it..if it's avaliable.

FUNNY...also..the films you mentioned, as your favorite's are the very same as mine. I do include BACK STREET and RAWHIDE, but every one you had in there are the same as mine.

Re: Re: Re: BACK...IN...THE...SADDLE...AGAIN....

Thanks Trish...for your response and kindness. I have missed being over here and sharing thoghts with all of you.

I have always wondered whatever happened to TAPP ROOTS.
That was another good Susan film and it also starred JULIE LONDON as her younger sister, with BORIS KARLOFF as an Indian (??) VAN HEFLIN was the man of the hour in this one and it takes place in the south with Susan as an invilid, after an accident.

We don't talk about this one very much, but it is irnoic how life works..since later on SUSAN HAYWARD would become my favorite actress...and JULIE LONDON my favorite vocalist. Their careers went in different directions, with JULIE making it as a great moody, romantic vocalist..but if any of you ever watch her as an actress, she was something else too. Not many performances in films, but every one a gem.

I guess I am just crazy for...THOSE REDHEADS...