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I was hoping to see something about the TCM tribute to SUSAN that was on a few weeks ago. I hope that at least some of you saw the day they paid tribute to her with many of her films.

I was not feeling well, that day, but did manage to watch some of the films. It was about time that they gave her some glory for her work.

If anyone else watched it, I would love to hear what you thought of the films they chose to show. I know one was THE MARRIAGE-GO-ROUND which I thought was not in good taste, since it's not one of her best.

It was around the same time period that they did a day of INGRID BERGMAN films and on that week, they showed ADAM HAD FOUR SONS, which I am so glad they are finally starting to show. SUSAN as the nasty, wicked
Hester is showing her 'other side' and it remains one of my favorite of her films, since it is also a 'coming of age in the bueiness' film for her..and the other reason I love it so much, is because she is so
wicked...I acutally HATE her charatcher. NOW..I would call that 'great acting', when you can say you HATED your favorite star, because of the charatcher she was playing...GO..SUSAN..GO...



As some of you know from past postings of mine, I'm the only person in the western hemisphere to not have cable. So I have to depend on friends to copy Susan's movies when they are shown.

One friend did copy several of her movies on that day when one of the cable channels showed them all day. He copied Ada, I Thank a Fool, Deadline at Dawn, They Won't Believe Me, The Hairy Ape, Girls on Probation and Comet Over Broadway.

I had seen all the movies years ago except I Thank a Fool and, naturally, Girls on Probation and Comet Over Broadway. I'd always loved Deadline at Dawn as a wonderful film noir picture. And she looked absolutely gorgeous considering it was so soon after the birth of her twin boys.

I never thought Ada a great film, but it's always a treat to see her playing a tough gal (okay, I was going to say "broad"). I'd never seen I Thank a Fool and did not think it a good film. I believe I'd read somewhere that she took it because it afforded her and Eaton some nice traveling.

Although you'd have missed her in "Girls" and "Comet" (especially "Comet") if you blinked fast, it was still nice to see one of her very first movies. In "Comet," the Brooklyn accent was very noticeable.

While The Hairy Ape was a good part for her, it was always William Bendix's picture, and rightly so. He was great in it.

My friend Steve has just copied Adam Had Four Sons for me, and I will be getting it tomorrow. I'd seen this one years ago, too, but I'm looking forward to seeing those two greats, Bergman and Hayward, again.



Gloria...I know you will love ADAM HAD FOUR SONS, but you may see a very different SUSAN in this one! I love it, because it shows how versatile she could be. Not a very pleasant person in this film, I'm afraid..but it is one of my favorites!

If you need any other films copied to VHS for you, email me at my email address and I will be happy to see about getting some for you that you might not have.


Hi, Errol:

My friend Steve's car broke down (fuel pump), so I haven't gotten Adam Had Four Sons just yet. He got the car back yesterday, so hopefully I'll get it this weekend. (Waiting for Susan's flicks is worse than waiting for a tax rebate check!)

How nice of you to offer to copy any of her films that I've missed. I will send you an e-mail, as you suggest.