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E.Bay and Stolen Hours!

I know everyone is liable to make mistakes but this is a beauty which I noticed today on E.Bay.

There is "supposedly" a picture of a rare shot of Susan at her Georgia house (it was on page 4 when I noticed it). On bringing this up, it was billed as "rare shot original of Susan picking some of her wonderful flowers from her garden at her beautiful home in Georgia in the sixties".

Now as many of you know, I visited Susan's resting place and home in Carrollton on what would have been her birthday this year, so obviously I knew it was not the home I had seen.

I do actually know where the "shot" is from as it is from a scene which was deleted fom "Stolen Hours".
Someone made a wrong guess!


Re: E.Bay and Stolen Hours!

You are sooo right, Trish...and someone is now trying to make money for photos that are not even from stars films

I think part of this scene was in the film, but also parts were deleted, because they didn't want it to repersent the same type of scenes that were in the original BETTE DAVIS..DARK VICTORY.

Re: E.Bay and Stolen Hours!


Trish and I spoke about a scene deleted from "Stolen Hours," specifically the one when, after being disappointed by Mike the racecar driver, she went to the party given by the Italian racecar driver, and after the door closed, we saw nothing more. Trish thought it was because Susan had been taught the twist by Chubby Checker,and that would have dated the film. However, I said the film was dated anyway, because when Susan was in the hospital and visited by her sister, played by Diane Baker, while Susan put on different wigs, when she looked into the mirror, she made the statement: "This really is the new frontier."

Well, as any of us over a certain age know, that was the theme of John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign, which was in 1960!

In other words, instead of worrying about the film's vintage, I wish they would have shown us our gal doing the twist in that absolutely gorgeous black cocktail dress she wore!