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I was wondering about the fans and their thoughts on the books written on Susan...which one they would say was their favorite?

Now..I missed out on this last one that was written, so I can't even put down the title of it..but the ones that I have are...THE DEVINE ******** STAR, IS A STAR, IS A STAR..SUSAN HAYWARD a Biography..and..RED...

I am not putting the authors names on here for the reason that you may or may not know them.

My favorite is...SUSAN HAYWARD a Biography, since I feel it tells more and makes you understand the woman behind WHO..SUSAN HAYWARD really was. I also feel it is more truthful than the others and deals with more of the problems, and Susan's true feelings.

Anyone want to respond...?

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I read a couple of the books you mentioned and enjoyed them. I recently purchased SUSAN HAYWARD:PORTRAIT OF A SURVIVOR by Beverly Linet and it is great so far. It also includes some great candid photos.

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Where did you purchase this book? I'm interested in
getting a copy of it.


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Hey Amy,
I got it very cheap at Amazon.com

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Errol (and others):

I think I have every book on Susan except the one by Eduardo Moreno. They are all good, and I would have to give the nod (but not by much) to Christoper Andersen's "A Star, is a Star, is a Star," which I think was the most balanced. The latest one (as far as I know) called "Susan Hayward" by Kim Holsten is a rip-off! I paid retail price for this hardcover from Border's, and it contained everything I'd already read in "Portrait of a Survivor," "Red," and "Immortal Star" (known before her death as "Divine **********

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Hi,I enjoyed Portrait Of A Survivor as that is the way I want to think of Susan Hayward.Kirk

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For me...it has always been PORTRAIT OF A SURVIVOR. I think Beverly Linet has done the best on our Susan. If any of you haven't read this one...you have missed many
details that are not in the other books.

I always think of 'the owl'...at the time of her death and wonder if that was really 'true'..or did Linet add that to her life story. If it is true, which I guess I will always feel it must have been...she was being looked over until the end.

It is a haunting thing that I always think of, each year, when remembering her final time here on earth.

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As a writer myself, I'm afraid I always thought Linet had added the "owl" on her own. It seemed too contrived to me, and I didn't see it in any other book on Susan, all of which I've read (with the one exception of Eduardo Moreno's book).

I did enjoy all the books, but I do still think the one I chose, "A Star Is a Star Is a Star," was the most balanced, in that it didn't gloss over any of her failings. Frankly, they made me love her all the more.


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My vote would have to go to Beverly Linet for Portrait of a Survivor. She was also fascinating to see and hear on the Mysteries and Scandals programme featuring Susan.

Regarding the owl in Linet's book, it is quite chilling to read and it may just be fanciful but these things can and do happen. The night before my Grandma died I actually saw a large blackbird sitting outside on her bedroom window cill and tapping on the glass!! So, I have an open mind regarding this event.

I have all the books on Susan and the Films of Susan Hayward by Eduardo Moreno has the most incredible pictures of her - absolutely beautiful. I had two copies of this book at the time it was printed and framed numerous pictures for my home from one of them.

I definitely agree with Gloria regarding her comments on the Kim Holston book. I had to purchase it from the USA as it was unavailable in Britain at the time and I felt really cheated with the contents!

I have always felt very disappointed that there are so few books on Susan - she was, after all, the most stunningly gorgeous STAR of all time and certainly the best actress. However, since she was such a private lady maybe everything there was to say has already been said.


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I borrowed from the library, Portrait of a Survivor,
and A Star, Is A Star, Is A Star! I thought that
Portrait of a Survivor was better...and it included
comments from Susan's son and brother, and Jess Barker.

I noticed some errors in A Star, Is A Star, Is A Star!
But both chronicled her struggles very well...she
certainly didn't have an easy life.

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You're lucky to have a library that carries these books, Amy. I have four libraries in my area, and none carries any books on Susan. Much to my chagrin. But I have obtained these books elsewhere, fortunately. And yes, you are right -- she did not always have an easy time of it. I think that's what made her performances so good. I think she understood how tough some women's life could be.