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Say Goodbye Maggie Cole/For Errol

Hi Errol...I was just reading your Back in the Saddle again post. "Maggie" is available on vhs. I'm not sure if it is out in circulation now, but it should be relatively easy to get off of ebay.

Re: Julie London -- I LOVE her voice...very natural, and very smoky..She was was beautiful also. I think I've only seen her in two films....Tap Roots, and an Edward G. Robinson film called something like "The Red House"..? ..I mostly relate to her singing.

I'm really glad to see you back on the board and I hope you'll feel up to visiting us more often. I'm sorry that you have been so sick.

Welcome back!

Re: Say Goodbye Maggie Cole/For Errol

Hi,I am new to this messge board.Just got a VHS copy of Say Goodbye Maggie Cole on Amazon.com.Also am a Susan Hayward fan.Sincerely,Kirk

Re: Re: Say Goodbye Maggie Cole/For Errol

Welcome to the message board, Kirk!

Re: Re: Re: Say Goodbye Maggie Cole/For Errol

Thank you for the welcome Ginger.Susan Hayward is the gretest actress I think.She outdid Bette Davis in Where Love Has Gone in my opinion.Kirk

Re: Re: Re: Re: Say Goodbye Maggie Cole/For Errol

THANKS...GINGER and KIRK...for the info on MAGGIE COLE.
I will now try to get a copy!

GINGER...As for the JULIE LONDON movies..You should see
her with GARY COOPER in MAN OF THE WEST and singing her
signature song.."Cry Me a River" in THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT. There are others, which I will try to remember, but one of her best performances was in a never-seen anywhere but in the theaters (I think 1960-61) called
THE THIRD VOICE which stars EDMOND O'BRIEN and LARAINE DAY. Julie has the most important role in the film, because it's one of those...'if you don't watch and listen, closley..you will miss it all) surprise endings. I would love to see that film again.

She was truly a fine actress..most people in the business thought so too. I know she played opposite RICHARD EGAN in a film about a drug addict. She was his wife and was the best thing about the film.

I always thought it was great that she and our dear SUSAN, was sisters in TAPP ROOTS. Of course Julie was the bad sister..compared to crippled Susan in that one.

Sorry..for not anwsering sooner. I hope to be here more often now.