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Jane Froman/You Tube/No. 2

Jane Froman singing at a CBS telecast of "Dinner With The President." (Eisenhower)

Jane is singing my very favorite song, "You'll Never Walk Alone."

You should be able to leave comments if you wish on the webpage offering these videos.

Thanks.. Ginger

Re: Jane Froman/You Tube/No. 2


Oh my goodness gracious! I have at last been able to view this video after a slight computer adjustment!

Having never seen a clip of Jane Froman singing (but obviously buying many of her 78's records in the 1950's and now playing virtually every day the Susan Hayward CD which also features Jane and being fully aware of their fabulous voices) I just am totally overwhelmed by Susan imitating her stance, gestures, whole persona etc. in Song in My Heart. I always knew Susan was a total perfectionist in her acting craft but seeing Jane and knowing how long Susan studied her mannerisms - it just blows me away to see how wonderfully she succeeded.



Re: Re: Jane Froman/You Tube/No. 2

Trish, aren't those clips fabulous! Yes, the first time I saw Jane Froman sing just blew me away... mostly because I realized that Susan had perfected Jane's mannerisms. She was absolutely meticulous in her portrayal of Jane Froman, and by golly, she should have won the Oscar for it!

I am hard at work trying to learn how to make these clips and put them on youtube, and when I do, I'll let you all know. I want to be able to get little clips from her films. I'm starting with the A&E bio and as soon as I've got my problems worked out with it, I'll post some clips. The technique is somewhat frustrating and I stayed up all one night working on it, and still wasn't successful. I was practically in tears, but thanks to my husband Bob's help, we are getting closer to learning how to do the clips.