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To all Susie fans: I need your help.

The good news is I finally got the copy of "Adam Had Four Sons" that a friend copied for me.

The bad news is that there were 7 minutes of blankness in the tape because of "No signal," whatever that means. So here's my question:

The last scene before going blank was Adam, Emily and sons waiting at the pier for David's ship to come in. After the 7 blank minutes, David and Hester (Susan) were having an argument about her affair with Jack (Richard Denning), after which David runs out and, next thing we know, he's supposedly tried to commit suicide in his plane.

What I need to know is: how did David find out about Hester and Jack? Adam didn't know, and I'm sure Emily (Ingrid Bergman) didn't tell him, so...

Can anyone answer the question?

Re: To all Susie fans: I need your help.

He was getting romantic with her and she called him Jack by mistake.

Re: To all Susie fans: I need your help.

Gloria, I had the same problem, so it must have been Turner Classic Movies' problem. I got frustrated with the recording and just erased it from my dvr-recorder. I didn't realize it was only 7 minutes.. no patience.. ha.. anyway, I have an old copy on vhs, but I couldn't answer you unless I watched it over,because I couldn't remember, but I think Christina has answered you.

Re: Re: To all Susie fans: I need your help.

Christina: Thanks so much. Of course, in real (not reel) life, our Susan would never make such a mistake, would she?

Re: Re: Re: To all Susie fans: I need your help.

Not our Susan. Too smart for that.