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Above billboard


I hadn't seen this billboard before. It's great, but I'm amazed they gave the other actors equal space with Susan, since she was over and above all others in time and emphasis in the film.

Re: Above billboard

Hi Gloria.. You're right.. I hadn't thought about it,but when thinking about the opening credits in the film, didn't the other actors, Calhoun, Ritter,and Wayne have equal billing as far as space and height? except they followed Susan...well, sorry, I can't remember for sure. I've seen the film so many times, but I haven't seen it recently and I don't remember for sure. I love the way the credits start out.. with the pretty musical chord and then the film credits starts. I love this film.

Re: Re: Above billboard


You're correct. In the film, the four actor, Susan, Rory Calhoun, David Wayne and Thelma Ritter, all got the same size names, on separate screens, but Susan's was first. I realize a billboard has space limitations, but I just thought she should have gotten her name a little larger.

Like you, I loved the musical chord that started the credits off. In fact, I loved all the music in the film, and it's the film that started me off as a Susan Hayward fan.