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Starting Off As A Susan Fan

Gloria's comment (billboard post below) about WASIMH got me to thinking again about how I was influenced early in life regarding Susan Hayward

I first saw Susan in Back Street when I was 13. That's when I really noticed her. I guess I had seen her in films before but her persona had just not registered with me. I do remember as a kid growing up that my dad was always talking about how beautiful he thought Susan Hayward was and there was a lady in our little town who had long red hair and everytime we saw her he would tell me that she looked like Susan Hayward. This was when I was very young so something deep and internal about her must have registerd with me.. ... anyway, just a few months after Back Street, I started watching Susan in all of those "Saturday Night At the Movies" on network tv. The network ( don't remember which one) had bought up a lot of 20th Century Fox films and they showed many of Susan's. The world stopped on Saturday nights, especially when her films were being shown, and the first time I saw WASIMH, I just floated away. I was so entranced by her performance and the life of Jane Froman. It still draws me in to a sort of spiritual place everytime I see it, and this is all mainly thanks to Susan's beautiful and spectacular performace and Jane's equally beautiful and spectacular life.
Well, I could go on and on. It's 2:00 a.m. and I had this one last little burst of creativity. ha..I love all of you on this message board and appreciate you so much. It's nice to have a little place to meet up and remember our favorite lady.

Re: Starting Off As A Susan Fan

About 5 or 6 years ago I caught I'll Cry Tomorrow on TCM. I was completely captivated by her performance. After that I had to rent every movie of her's that I could get my hands on. I also read all the books about her that I could find. She is the greatest. There is just something about her. So sad that she died so young.

Re: Starting Off As A Susan Fan

We possibly all have differing Hayward films that register as our first significant awareness of her screen persona.

There is a hint of serendipity here Ginger, as above is the 'Rawhide' poster and that was the first time I recall ever seeing her. I was around 7 or 8 at the time and already well on my way to being a major movie addict, but I have no idea what it actually was about her that triggered such a response in my juvenile mind.

Many of her peers of the day ( Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Hedy lamarr, Gene Tierney etc) were spectacularly beautiful and other stars mirrored a tough resilience on screen (Barbara Stanwyck, Claire Trevor, Gloria Grahame, Mary Astor etc). In other words, Susan's obvious beauty and strength were not unique on the silver screen. But there was clearly something that she had, that was indefineable and made her - for me at least -the embodiment of THE MOVIE STAR.

Yes I can still even now see Vinnie Holt at that stagecoach way station in 'Rawhide' making Ty Power look almost ineffective as she faced up to Jack Elam and his band of desperados.


Re: Re: Starting Off As A Susan Fan

I first saw Susan in Valley Of The Dolls.Then Back Street,Stolen Hours,and Where Love Has Gone.I just appreciate her feinininity and toughness that few others show on screen.Even now as I see new to me Susan films I continue to enjoy them all.Finally got Heat Of Anger and Susan was real good in it too.Kirk

Re: Re: Re: Starting Off As A Susan Fan

I became spellbound by Susan when my mother took me to see MY FOOLISH HEART in 1950. I still recall how I never stopped talking about how wonderful Susan was and that was it for me - the start of an admiration for an incredibly gorgeous actress which has never waned and has been on-going for 56 years.

Many people have asked me "why Susan Hayward?" but you have to be a real fan to understand "why?", I was a 12 year old child at the time so didn't realise anything about femininity, strength etc. I can only say it was her sheer magnetism plus the whole package that was Susan - beauty, fabulous hair, the richness of her voice, her walk but most especially her incredible eyes. As I grew older, I could appreciate her amazing acting ability.

After seeing this movie, it was my aim in life to see them all - which I did, over and over again and I am now so fortunate to possess all Susan's full-length films (thanks to some lovely friends on this site).
I even made sure the first film my daughter Donna Susan saw was one of Susan's - "Stolen Hours" and she was only two and a half years old!

This year I achieved my goal by visiting Susan's resting place in Carrollton which for me, emotionally, was indescribable.

My favourite films of hers are : I'll Cry Tomorrow, My Foolish Heart, With a Song in My Heart, Untamed (highly underrated as Susan was spectacular in this), The President's Lady. I Want to Live, Deadline at Dawn, Back Street and Where Love Has Gone. The latter one doesn't normally appear on anyone's list but just take a look at Susan in this one. She plays her part very subtley and is totally gorgeous - at the age of 47!! I always thought she photographed so well in this and it is fascinating to see her although the film would not be termed one of her best.

Susan - for me you will always shine brighter than all the stars in the sky and will always be remembered.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Starting Off As A Susan Fan

Summer of 1973...I was a 13 year old allowed to watch TV on the night they played "Untamed" spoken in French(!)...I was astonished by the leading lady...her beauty,especially her delicate up turned nose ,her eyes and her spectacular rich auburn hair..it was Susan of course...After the film i went to ask my parents if they "knew" her....They did... I was in awe!

My mother had seen lots of movies starring Susan in the fifties and sixties ,her biggest memory of hers was "i'll cry tomorrow" in 1956...for which Susan won the greatest French accolade there was then : the best actress award at the 1956 Cannes Festival...The film went on to become an enormous hit in France under the title :"une femme en enfer"

Well I am 46 years old now and Susan is still my favourite.

I have never seen another actress combining so much talent and beauty.

I like many different actors and actresses but Susan Hayward will allways top my list.


Re: Re: Re: Starting Off As A Susan Fan

Hey Kirk,
I noticed you recently saw Heat of Anger. Where can I find that movie? I recently got Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole. She was great as usual.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Starting Off As A Susan Fan

Hi Christina,I got Heat Of Anger on Amazon.com.It was good.A TV film Susan did in 1972.She looks great in it and did a fine job as attorney Jessie Fitzgerald..Kirk