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Susan on e.Bay

I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of Susan being in a movie called "Gold Diggers in Paris"? I just picked up on this as there is a picture of her on page 4 on e.Bay which mentions - Warners Bros. 1938. This could be another of her "now you see her and now you don't" roles! I have never heard it mentioned before but the time factor would be correct.


Re: Susan on e.Bay

Trish, it's good to see you back...I've missed you...are you moved?...anyway, no, I had never heard of Susan Hayward being in that particular film. I'll check out ebay.. thanks..

Re: Re: Susan on e.Bay

Hello Trish,
This is also new to me. I never heard of this movie milestone in Susan's career. I have never heard it mentioned in any of her biography's. Just like in the film "Hollywood Hotel" Susan is supposed to be in this flick, just for a second; but I yet to see Susan, even after purchasing it.

Re: Susan on e.Bay

"Gold Diggers in Paris" was a movie Susan Hayward was up for, but for some reason or another she didn't end up doing it.