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With a Song in my Heart

Will be playing on November 20, on American Movie
Classics station. Check local listings for the time.

I saw this movie many, many years ago...I probably will
see it again this time around

Re: With a Song in my Heart

It's a wonderful movie worth watching or taping if no one has it. It's number two on my favorite list' and "I'll Cry Tomorrow" being number ONE!!!

Re: With a Song in my Heart

Be sure and record it Amy, because it's not released on DVD ( and there are letter being written begging 20th Century Fox to release it!)....

I Love Love Love this film!


Re: Re: With a Song in my Heart

I'll be watching, too. This is one Susan Hayward movie I have yet to see.

Thanks for the info!

DVD recording of "Song"


I am looking for someone who could record "with a song in my hearty" from American movie classdics on DVD for me directly from TV.

I understand American movie classics broadcasts good prints without commercials.

Of course I can pay for the DVD and Airmail shipping to the Netherlands,and send you something nice on Susan from Europe.

i only have a good VHS copy of the movie and i am looking for a mint copy on DVD.

It would be great if someone could record "song" on DVD for me on november the 20th.

Thank you for your help


Re: DVD recording of "Song"

Unfortunately American MOvie Classics does have commercials.


YouTube clip of "Song"

Speaking of which, I was on YouTube last night, and noticed somebody has put a clip of "Song" on it. I tried downloading it, but the dang thing cut out on me just as Susan/Jane threw her crutches down to start her number!

I was not pleased...one of the unfortunate perils of YouTube.

Re: Re: With a Song in my Heart


My two favorite Hayward flicks are in the opposite order: first "Song," then "Cry."

Incidentally, the above picture of Susan that Ginger posted is one of my favorites. Love the dresss and Susan's glance.

Re: YouTube clip of "Song"

Howard, I tried the clip this morning, and it worked beautifully all the way through.. sometimes, I think the servers are down and the videos don't load properly.. that has happened to me.. try again, maybe you'll get lucky.. I'm posting the url at the top of this message board page. It is one of my all time movie scenes. I hope everyone can enjoy. I'll post the website here in the "website field" also.

Re: Re: YouTube clip of "Song"

Thanks, Ginger, the clip worked this time. Then I watched the Jane Froman "I Went to Your Wedding" clip, to compare.

I was intrigued that the overall look (and manners) for Susan Hayward in that clip bore a very strong resemblance to Jane Froman, moreso than with Lillian Roth. Of course my familiarity with the real Lillian Roth stems from her late twenties-early thirties Paramount days (The Love Parade, Animal Crackers) when she was only around twenty.

Anyway, I'm waiting for next Monday to see ALL of With a Song in My Heart.