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Nude shot of Susan

There is a nude bust pose of Susan on EBAY, it is only her face added to the bust. I don't know how you feel about this, but I think it stinks. Susan herself would have never posed for anything like this. She had too much class for this trash. The seller did it for fun, but do you think it's funny?

Re: Nude shot of Susan

No, I don't find it funny, either. But they will do things like that, for kicks...I once found a "nude" photo of Agnes Moorehead, with her Bewitched hairstyle. Why they find this funny, I don't understand.

Re: Re: Nude shot of Susan

I think it is absolutely appalling that e.Bay saw fit to enter this item. Even though we know it isn't Susan I think it is in very bad taste and actually sullies her memory.

Susan wouldn't play "Mrs Robinson" due partly to the fact there would have been a "topless flash" and I believe anyone who is a real fan of hers would also be as upset as we are.


Re: Re: Re: Nude shot of Susan

I just saw this and it is absolutely infuriating! We should all write to the seller. I know I am going to send a note. Some people who are not familiar with her career and her life will be more than willing to scoff this up and display it anywhere they want.

This is digusting because it uses and abuses and she's not here to defend herself. Isn't something like this illegal?

If it were really her, then she would have willingly posed for the picture, and this would have been her right and her decision, but since we all know it's not her, it's so utterly such an invasion and unbelievably disrespectful.

Re: Nude shot of Susan

When I first glanced at it, I couldn't believe my eyes. Our Susan disgraced in this manner. I was absolutely livid. I am going to write to this person and let him/her exactly what I think!!

Re: Re: Nude shot of Susan

Good for you Ray!!