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Susan Hayward/My ebay note

I am copypasting my ebay note to the seller of that photo we have been discussing. I would encourage you all to send a note to the seller and/or ebay. It probably won't do any good, but you'll feel better. I'll just leave the decision with you all...no pressure here, and if you do send a note, don't feel like you need to post it on this message board unless you just want to do so. I just wanted you to see my reponse. I'll probably get a nasty letter back from the seller, but I couldn't let that one go by without a comment.
To whom it may concern:

How could you post and sell a photo such as this? It is obviously fake. Susan Hayward did not pose nude. This is so disrespectful to her life and career, and she is not here to defend herself! This is hurtful to her family, friends, and fans. Please take this off of your ebay postings. I'm sure there must be plenty of other ways to make your money.

Ginger Haydon

Re: Susan Hayward/My ebay note

I think the seller got the message. I just took a look
at EBay, and couldn't find the photograph. Thank

Re: Re: Susan Hayward/My ebay note

Yes, I do believe he got the message all right! The auction item still had some time left when I viewed it last. What a cheap way to put a few bucks in his pocket.

Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward/My ebay note

Amy and Ray....That's good news and I hope there won't be any more posted. I need to go check and see if I have any response from the seller. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks, Ray, for giving us a heads up on this!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward/My ebay note

I have been away for a couple of days and have belatedly seen this. I endorse Ginger's thanks to Ray for raising the matter. Good for you Ginger and all who wrote in.