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The Dakota Hotel/House Of Strangers

I recently visited New York City and walked past the famed Dakota Hotel. John Lennon, of course, was killed in front of the hotel in the early 80's. Robert Ryan has been a resident as well as other famous occupants such as Judy Garland, Lenoard Bernstein and Boris Karloff. To my knowledge, I believe Lauren Bacall still resides there. I had not realized until tonight that House of Strangers was filmed there...all or part.. ??.. I don't know..Below is the article I read on the internet.

Most famously, of course, the block was the last home of John Lennon, who was gunned down at the building's entrance in December 1980. Over the road, in Central Park, is Lennon’s memorial, Strawberry Fields.

Joseph L Mankiewicz's 1949 House of Strangers with Edward G Robinson and Susan Hayward was filmed at The Dakota in New York City. Filming is no longer permitted in the block, though the Dakota's exterior was used as the home of Tom Cruise in Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky. ---

Re: The Dakota Hotel/House Of Strangers

How interesting Ginger. I didn't know that Susan's House of Strangers was filmed at the Dakota. It's nice to discover trivia regarding her.