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Susan during the early part of her career

I have a photocopy of a letter written by Susan which is undated but probably was from when when she was touring the country with Louella Parsons, Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman etc.

It was for sale on e.bay a few years back and I thought you may all be interested to read it. It was sent to a "Mrs Eddy" and I also have a copy of a picture which again was for sale on e.bay, where Susan had inscribed the same name "Mrs. Eddy".
Incidentally, the picture was of Susan taken with an Easter bunny. There are a few of them around taken with flowers etc. at the same time.

To me, this letter shows a kind, appreciative Susan who took the time and trouble to send a response in her handwriting to this lady.

"Dear Mrs. Eddy
Did you see the show? and did you like it?
I want to thank you for your card and tell you how I appreciate your interest in me.
May I say thanks also for the many cards and notes you sent me while I was under contract to Warner Bros?
The studio will send you a photo in a few days - I haven't any with me.
Next time you catch the show I hope you'll come backstage to say "hello" in person.
Every good wish to you
Sincerely - Susan Hayward".

I would like to especially thank Ray for sending me a copy of this letter (he doesn't have the original) and I am writing this with his approval.


Re: Susan during the early part of her career

Trish (and Ray!), thank you so much for posting this. There is so little we have that shows the more real life side of Susan Hayward. Every little personal find and item gives us another piece of the mystery. I have a little story about Susan and a mother and her two children on an airplane. I think I told it a long time ago, but I'll share it again. I'll try to get it on later today or tonight....just thought I'd tease you all with it.. LOL