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My Susan/Airplane Story

Hi all... I had mentioned in the below post that I had a little story about Susan. I think I may have told this before but indulge me.. I'll do it again, and some of the newer folks haven't heard it.

When I was growing up in Arkansas, I had a best friend named Anne. Anne's mother told me a story of when, in late 1949 or early 1950, she was travelling by air back to Arkansas from California. Anne's mother had Anne, and Anne's older sister, who was about three, with her. I think Anne must have been around a year old. Anyway, Susan Hayward was on the same plane!

Susan was either sitting by or came up to Anne's mother and told her how beautiful the children were and she gave Anne's mom her compact with her name inscribed on the back! I don't remember if I imagined that Anne's mom showed me the compact or if I really saw it! .. in my mind's eye I saw it.. ha...I don't know where the compact is now, but I hope it still is a part of their family. I haven't talked to Anne in years and years.. almost 40 to be exact, but I'm starting to get curious and just wondering if the compact is still around. Well, that's my story!

Re: My Susan/Airplane Story

What a great story, Yeh!, I sure would like to know what happened to that compact., what a great piece of collection that would make for any Susan fan. This story just shows how caring and loving our Susan was to perfect strangers.

Re: Re: My Susan/Airplane Story

Thanks for sharing that story. What a lucky woman to get to meet Susan and actually receive a gift from her. I hope she still has it.

Re: Re: Re: My Susan/Airplane Story

Many thanks Ginger for relating the story. I had never heard it before and I also hope the lady concerned still has the compact.

It's nice to read little anecdotes which show Susan as a warm lady instead of reading unflattering remarks about her character.