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"Soldier of fortune" on Fox DVD and more...

Hi All Susan fans!

Today i received the DVD of "Soldier of fortune" from the Clark Gable Fox collection and I can recommend it: image has been restored beautifully and is sharp with beautiful colors.

There is great gallery of productions photos as a special feature and Susan is heavily featured in it.There is also a commentary option by author Danforth Prince and he talks a lot of Susan( in a positive way),precising that she was the queen of 20th century fox in the fifties.

Design is also very nice with a great front color drawing of Gable and Hayward.

All in all a must have....Ah... if Fox could do the same with "Song in my heart","I can get it for you wholesale","Untamed","Woman obsessed","White witch doctor" and "the President lady"...

I 'd really like to know why there is no Susan Hayward DVD collection yet with so many being available on lesser stars!!!???

By the way,did someone record "With a song in my heart" fom American Movie classics on DVD recorder on 20 november?

I am still searching for a DVD recorded version of it while waiting for an official release by Fox...

Why does it take so long to have Susan films released on DVD?

We are still waiting for the DVD release of "I'll cry tomorrow" (which remains one of the greatest box office hits of the fifties ....And "Ada","Back street","Wherte love has gone" ...for the sixties....

Why is Susan that neglected by todays DVD releases ?

So many questions... and hopefully some answers soon

Greetings from the Netherlands,