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Garden of Dreams CD/Cd Baby

Hi everyone,

I have finally been able to get my Garden of Dreams cd listed on cdbaby.com. If you go to the above website, you can view my information and also listen to portions of some of my compositions on the cd. I would really appreciate if, when you get at chance, you would pass this website url along to your friends and contacts. I'm excited about the cd. I recently had a company wrap and seal them and they have an overall "slicker" look. I'm happy with them.
Thanks to everyone!.......Ginger

Re: Garden of Dreams CD/Cd Baby/REVIEWS

For those of you who have listened to the cd, I would really appreciate a "positive" review on the cdbaby link.. just scroll to the bottom of the page. If you can think of something nice, please write it.. ha...I don't think you have to sign your real name, or maybe if you want you could just put your first name.. whatever, and don't feel pressured by me. I just hope to have a few good reviews from various sources over the course of time. Thanks! Ginger

Re: Re: Garden of Dreams CD/Cd Baby/REVIEWS


Unfortunately, the sound on my computer has taken a vacation,so I can't check the link. However, is this the same CD I already have of yours? If so, I love the selections and play them a lot.

If not, and these are new songs, please tell me and I'll certainly order a new CD.

Re: Re: Re: Garden of Dreams CD/Cd Baby/REVIEWS

Hi Gloria, it is the same cd! I've just regrouped with it and trying some new marketing tools.

Thank you! and Happy New Year!