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Her Grandson

Just a little tid bit... I graduated High School {Class of 1988)with her Grandson Chris Barker and he still lives here in this small town in Ala. He looks just like her but has blonde hair and has the same nose. He was always nice and I played softball with his wife at one time and she told me at that time that he has Susan's Oscars.

Re: Her Grandson

Penny, thank you so much for your note! I had always wondered what happened to Susan's Oscar.

My friend, Elizabeth, met Chris and his wife a few years ago while she was visiting Susan's gravesite in Carrollton. She said that Chris and his wife were so nice and they also agreed to let her take some videos of them. She managed to get some stills of the video and she sent them to me and I was able to get them on Susan's website. If you click on the "Encounter in Carrollton" link, you can read about Elizabeth's visit and her meeting with Chris and his wife.

Yes, I think, from his pictures, that Chris looks very much like Susan.

Thank you again for sharing with us!

Re: Re: Her Grandson


I am also adding my thanks to you for letting us know that Susan's trophies are safe with her grandson Christopher. Like Ginger, I had wondered about them and am pleased they are safe within the family.

I too think, by looking at the pictures on the site, that Chris resembles his famous Grandmother.


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I too am relieved to know that Chris has Susan's Oscar. I know her sons auctioned off her possessions after she died, and I feared that the Oscar might also have been included, which saddened me. She worked so hard for it that I hoped her family had kept it. Thanks for letting us know.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Her Grandson

I was very happy to hear that Susan's Oscar has remained within her family. I've often wonder what ever happened to her long sought-after trophy. Well, now my mind can rest at eased....thank you Chris.