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Susan in Cannes, 1956

I have just returned recently from Wales where, to my excitement I met a gentleman who had actually seen Susan.

He was a "navy man" stationed in the Mediterranean at the time and visited Cannes during the time of the Film Festival in 1956. As we all know, Susan took the prize for Best Actress for I'll Cry Tomorrow and he saw her outside a large hotel along with others, lining up for the photographers. Unfortunately, he didn't remember what she was wearing (as if!) but said she was beautiful.

My claim to fame now is that I have met somebody who actually saw Susan Hayward! I know Errol saw her a couple of times too - I am envious.


Re: Susan in Cannes, 1956

Well, I know that made you so happy to be able to meet the gentleman who had seen Susan. My closest "claim to fame" regarding Susan is my little story about my friend's mom who met Susan on the plane and Susan giving my friend's mom the compact.

Yes, Errol was very fortunate and I think he was very nervous as I would have been also! I probably would have either frozen up and not said a word, or acted like a stupid, yakking, giddy gushing fan.. either way, it wouldn't have been pretty LOL--but at least I could have said I met her!...

Re: Re: Susan in Cannes, 1956


I'm envious, too. I think I reported on this website that I once stayed at the Rome Hilton and did not know at the time that Susan had stayed there while she was making "The Honey Pot."

Of course, it wouldn't have done me any good, since she was there about 4 years before me! But hey, had I known, I would have bribed the hotel manager to please let me into the room she stayed in, hoping I'd find anything she might have left behind. (As long as it wasn't the bill, LOL.)