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Which Hayward Film?/No. 1

From which Hayward film is the below photo?

Re: Which Hayward Film?/No. 1

This picture is from Hit Parade of 1943 (retitled Change of Heart). I actually have this "front of house" picture. Susan was a delight in this one and so was Eve Arden.

It was during this time she was going out with John Carroll and they "sort of" were engaged! He balked at paying for the engagement ring she chose and she ended up paying for it herself - with no engagement. At least, that is what was printed at the time but I often wonder how true these stories are.

Susan's destiny, as we all know, was Jess Barker whom she met the same year and her lovely twin sons. I loved Jess Barker and it was sad they didn't make it together.


Re: Re: Which Hayward Film?/No. 1

Trish, you are correct.. thanks.. I like that film, and I always thought the way the characters, as songwriters, chose to create their lyrics was downright practical...just spinning that wheel around to come up with rhymes!