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Lillian Roth/my very own youtube clip

Hi everyone..

I am learning (finally) how to upload clips to youtube...here is a clip of Lillian Roth (our very own Susan, of course, portrayed Lillian in I'll Cry Tommorow)as the mystery guest on What's My Line...the popular television show circa late 1950's...the voice is a little out of sync but maybe I'll get better at this.. enjoy!

Re: Lillian Roth/my very own youtube clip

Thanks for sharing these few moments of Lillian on "What's On Line" but my PC takes so long to upload. Wish it could speed up a little.

Re: Re: Lillian Roth/my very own youtube clip

Ray, I'm sorry about that.. yeah, the youtube clips pretty much demand high speed to get the real enjoyment out of them. This is a great "spot" of Lillian.