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Thank you all

Thank you all for the replys and really enjoyed the link to go and see Chris{susan's grandson} and his wife. He looks basically the same, seems likes hes always smiling and good to know he visits his Grandma's grave. I just cant help but look at his nose because its just like Susan's. lol And Oh I was wondering about why did her kids auction off her things? And how many Oscars or Oscar did she win during her career? thank you

Re: Thank you all


I'm glad you got to check out the "Encounter in Carrollton" section. That was a real special moment for Elizabeth and so remarkable that she met up with Chris and his wife. They were extremely generous about letting her videotape them. I believe it was all meant to be!

I'm not sure about the auctioning of Susan's things. Maybe someone else can post more about it. It's been quite a while since I've read any of the books about her, so I can't remember if that was mentioned. I guess it is pretty standard practice to hold auctions after the death of a person.

Susan won one Oscar for "I Want To Live"; however, she had been nominated previously 4 times for other films. She also had won a Golden Globe. Please help everybody, am I leaving any out? I'm sure I must be!

Thanks for sharing, Penny!

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You are spot on with the Oscars Ginger. One win and four nominations is correct as far as I can recall.

I think she may have actually won two Golden Globes as Best Actress - one definitely for "I Want to Live" but I believe she also got that particular award for "With a Song in My Heart" as well ?
( One thing for certain - on this particular Message Board any error or omission will be rapidly corrected by the eagle-eyed and well versed Hayward aficionardos
- LOL.)

She did win other awards during her career - including one from the New York Film Critics Circle and although she may not have have been successful I remember she was nominated for the British Film Awards - the BAFTAS - at least once.


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Well, here's what I'm getting from the website for Turner Classic Movies:

Cannes Film Festival, Best Actress Award (1956): "I'll Cry Tomorrow"

Golden Globe Award for Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) (1952): "With a Song in My Heart"

Golden Globe Award for Best Actress- Drama (1958): "I Want to Live"

Golden Globe Award for World Film Favorite (Female) (1952):

New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress (1958): "I Want to Live!"

Oscar for Best Actress (1958): "I Want to Live"


Looks like Turner Classic Movies is finally getting around to playing more Susan Hayward movies, other than her MGM ones. The next one is Tulsa (1949) on February 10 at 5:30 AM. They're even going to be showing My Foolish Heart at the end of March! Very unusual since it was a 20th Century-Fox film.

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Thank you, Howard, for posting that informational list! It's about time TCM gave Susan more attention, and I'm really glad they are going to be airing My Foolish Heart. I'm looking forward to the day when they will spotlight her as star of the month! It's a long time coming! If she has been star of the month before, I don't recall it. She very deservedly should be a STAR Of THE MONTH on TCM.

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Fox movie channel will be showing "The President's Lady", which I am excited about because I have never seen that one, on Feb. 19th at 2:00pm

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Christina, thanks for that info re: "The President's Lady." If you have never seen it, you are going to be wowed away! Susan's performance is incredible. She ages from a young woman to an elderly Rachel Jackson. This film is probably just about my favorite of Susan's , aside from "With A Song In My Heart." The music is beautiful in "The President's Lady." I wish I had a soundtrack recording of it. It might be available somewhere on the net. Let us know what you think about The President's Lady, Christina.

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Thanks Ginger,
I've read a lot of great things about Susan's performance in "The President's Lady". Can't wait to see it. I'll let you know what I think. I know I'll love it!