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Which Hayward film/No. 3

Re: Which Hayward film/No. 3

This one is from Paramount's 1942 "The Forest Rangers"
Paulette Goddard had a beautiful wardrobe, in this flick, but it was Susan's gorgeous red hair that stood out. It's a fun film to watch with good special effects. The film crew actually flew to Lakeview, Oregon where they covered an actual forest fire.

Re: Re: Which Hayward film/No. 3

Ray, you are correct.. thanks... I had read somewhere that Susan had been in real danger during the scene when she was walking from log to log on the river or lake. It seems she fell in and had to be rescued.Do you or anyone else remember this story? I may not have all my facts right.

Re: Re: Re: Which Hayward film/No. 3

I don't remember that story, Ginger. One I do remember from The Forest Rangers was one in which Susan and Paulette Goddard were to play a scene in which Paulette leads Susan out of a forest fire. Paulette, however, had a hot date that night and didn't want to play that scene. So it was up to Susan to drag Paulette through the fire.

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Thanks for the input, Howard...I really need to go back and re-read some of the bios to refresh my memories on some of the great little stories available about Susan.

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I seem to remember the story of Susan walking across the logs, then falling in after skinning her legs. She was so conscientious that she still turned up for work the next day!