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More (of a) Smash-Up

Just a reminder. This one is playing tomorrow morning on TCM...

Re: More (of a) Smash-Up

Remember to check local listings for the time. I live
in Hawaii, which is five hours difference from the
2:45 a.m. EST time. Which makes the time it plays in
Hawaii tonight, at 9:45 p.m.

Re: Re: More (of a) Smash-Up

Amy, thanks for posting this.. were you able to see the film? Was it the first time you had seen it? I have a copy of it so I watch it every now and then. Susan's performance is wonderful and it was her first Oscar nomination.

Re: Re: Re: More (of a) Smash-Up

Ginger, I did see the movie. I did wish it had been in
color though...although the impact would probably been

Re: Re: Re: Re: More (of a) Smash-Up

Amy, I'm one of those who actually prefer black and white especially regarding the older films. In a film such as Smash-Up, I think it conveys the starkness, but that is just all a matter of opinion. I've just always had a somewhat protective attitude toward black and white. There is the other side, however..for example, you can't see Susan's beautiful hair in all it's glory and get the full effect of her wardrobe.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: More (of a) Smash-Up

I tend to agree with you, Ginger. I'm one who prefers to keep the black-and-white films the way they are. Besides it does present a certain starkness that 1947's Technicolor, or later colorization, would have taken away from. I've read Robert Wise, later on, had purposely filmed I Want to Live in black-and-white because it would come across more stark, and seedy because of the basic storyline. The same would hold true, I'd think, for I'll Cry Tomorrow....compare it to Doris Day's Love Me or Leave Me, released the same year. That one was filmed in color, which I think took away from the story they were trying to tell, about Ruth Etting. It was a little too "pretty."

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: More (of a) Smash-Up

Howard, I agree!...yes, I had read that Robert Wise had preferred to film IWTL in black and white. You could feel the "seediness" of their lives, couldn't you?!

BTW, I love film noir.....all those gritty cheap detective movies.. give me a glass of wine, a bowl of popcorn, a couple of film noirs on a Friday night, and I'm in movie heaven.. LOL