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TV program on Carrolton, GA

There was an NBC "Dateline" program last night about a little girl who was murdered in Carrolton, GA, where Susan and Eaton lived during their marriage.

Did anyone see it?

I'm interested in your opinion about the people involved, if you did.

Re: TV program on Carrolton, GA

Gloria, darn.. I didn't see it. I'm going to go and look at the nbc website and see if they have a video of it. Sometimes they broadcast their television shows on the net. I'll post the website url if I can find it.

I'm sure it must have been very interesting. Can you tell us more about it..also, there might be a transcript of the show on the nbc website.


Re: Re: TV program on Carrolton, GA/full episode on internet

You can watch the full episode on the above website url. Click above.

I'll check in with you later, Gloria, after I've seen it.

Thanks for letting us know about it.

Re: Re: Re: TV program on Carrolton, GA/full episode on internet

Gloria, I did watch the episode last night. It was sad. I had not been aware of that case. I don't remember hearing about it at all. I really felt sorry for the parents of the little girl. They were in such anguish, and understandably so.

I was particularly startled just a little by the name of the murdered child. I had a student named Amy Yates many many years ago. She would probably be in her mid-20's now.

There wasn't that much reference to the city of Carrollton from what I recall. It did show a very short clip of downtown. The parents of the little girl did not seem to have a strong southern accent and I wondered if they were actually from that area.

I felt sorry also for the mother of the 2nd confessed killer. You could tell she was heartbroken that her mentally challenged son had committed such a crime. It was also all pretty rough for the boy who was first accused and his family.

Those were my first impressions from seeing it. What were your thoughts?

Re: Re: Re: Re: TV program on Carrolton, GA/full episode on internet


When I turned the program on, they must have already shown the downtown area, because I didn't see that. I wish I had, since I've often wondered what the town was like and, frankly, how Susan found enough to do there.

My biggest impression, if you could call it that, was of the D.A. (I think he was the D.A.), who couldn't let go of his belief that the first boy convicted of the crime was not the murderer, even when the mentally challenged boy confessed. We see this a lot with the authorities, whose ego seems to preclude their admitting they were wrong, even when an innocent person is paying the price for their indifference to the truth.

Like you, I felt sorry for the parents of both boys, as well as the parents of the murdered girl. There are never good parents versus bad parents in tragedies of this kind, are there?

Another impression I had was of the mentally challenged boy who claimed he only wanted to have sex with the girl. (Like that was okay.) Then again, what do you do with a man-child who felt sexual urges and didn't know how to handle them? Where were his parents to guide him? And what could they have done?

I think I may have posted something on your website a couple years ago when my football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, drafted a wide receiver from Carrolton. Reggie Brown is a good player and a fine person, so I guess we can't judge a whole town by a few people. At least, I hope not.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TV program on Carrolton, GA/full episode on internet

Oh, no, you can't judge a whole town by things that go wrong.

I think Newt Gingrich is from Carrollton.. I think he taught at the college there. You might want to judge it for that.. LOL

Gloria, you can click the link that I gave in the previous post. The clip of the town would be in the first segment. Also, I'm sure there must be an official site for Carrollton on the internet. You could probably tell more about the town by checking out the Carrollton website.

It was indicated in the dateline show that the mentally challenged boy was 16 at the time of Amy's death, but he was actually only 9 years old mentally.

The ironic thing about the whole story , I think , is that the killer has found "peace" in his life and the parents of the child can't seem to find any solace. The story is heartbreaking all the way around.