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"I Want to Live!' on tv next Saturday

Susan's Oscar winning movie will be on Turner Classic
Movie channel next Saturday, May 12. Check local
listings for the time.

Turner Classic Movie channel has been playing this
movie several times in the past few months. Robert
Wise, the late director had complimentary things to
say about Susan's acting.

The ending has a chilling gas chamber sequence.

Re: "I Want to Live!' on tv next Saturday

This was the movie which made me notice Susan Hayward for the first time.

When I was young, I sometimes confused her with Rita Hayworth, I think because of the similarity of names. And then I saw this movie, I think on "NBC Saturday Night at the Movies," in 1974, when I was sixteen. Needless to say I was impressed by the way Susan was able to draw one into the storyline...you could not keep your eyes off her because of her performance.

Re: Re: "I Want to Live!' on tv next Saturday

This is my favorite Susan Hayward performance. One amazing scene after another. She lights up the screen from the first moment you see her. Love the way she dances at the party. What a treat!!