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Amazon.com Susan DVD releases announcements! true? More infos?

Hi Susan friends,

This morning I went to the site of Amazon.com and there are 3 Susan films to be released on DVD listed:

-"I can get it for you wholesale "(1951)
-"Untamed" (1955)
-"the mariage go round" (1960)

It states that the 3 titles are not released yet!....which means there will be soon released!?....hopefully....Does someone has more info?

If it is confirmed by Fox video (all 3 titles are from 20 century Fox),this is great news.

Ginger told us recently that "Rawhide" would also be released within 6 months...

Let's pray we are heading towards the release of a Susan Hayward DVD box ...and that milestones like "With a song in my heart" and "The lusty men " will also be released soon .

We have waited so long to see her big movies released on DVD...Let's pray it is Susan's turn now.