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Leading Ladies

I am not sure if everyone is aware of this wonderful softbound book entitled "Leading Ladies" The 50 most unforgettable actresses of the studio era. Foreword by Robert Osborne from TCM. I was so pleased that our Susan made the 50, as there are other leading ladies of the golden era that did not make the list...like Joan Fontaine, Lucille Ball, Jennifer Jones, Betty Grable, Jane Powell, and Jean Simmons. IT's a great book measures 7x9 and available from Amazon.com.

Re: Leading Ladies

Ray, I had seen this book at Barnes and Noble and had browsed through it. I was so happy to see that Susan was getting some attention in a Hollywood "list." She is often overlooked and underrated for some unknown reason. Thanks...Ginger

Re: Re: Leading Ladies


I had heard about the book but didn't know our gal was in it. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll order it from Amazon.com. I've seen so many books on so-called "best actresses" of various generations, and very seldom is Susan Hayward honored, why I don't know. I believe from his comments on TCM that Robert Osbourne was an admirer of Susan's, and I'm glad he recognizes her talents. Join the crowd, Bob!